A and A….A or A????

Ever wondered, do we nourish everything we select? Well 5 in 100 times we don’t. Any reason behind it? I believe the prevailing reason behind it is our intentness towards that thing……..

Two words will clear the fact behind it and those are ATTACHMENT AND ATTRACTION.

Attachment is what we desire! Attraction is what we feel! Attraction is to like and Attachment is to Love. People always desire to have something or someone to be with but they never ever feel for everything or everyone. After Hate; these two are the most powerful and dangerous words because these words defines peoples’ emotions, behaviour and feelings towards everything; be it for the thing or person.

People often chip in for the things they love but chip off from the things they find unrelated in a period of time. For example-

  • I lived in Nagpur and Mumbai. Mumbai makes me weep but Nagpur gives me tears of joy every time I drop in! Because I have a special connect with Nagpur. That is what attachment is all about!!Attachment is deep emotional bond and is prolonged in human nature.
  • I am enticed by wrist bands. I had near about 6 to 7 bands with me. But now I have only one. This is what attraction is all about!!!!! Attraction is curtailed in human nature.

They say, sometimes a piece of chocolate is sweeter than a piece of cake! But what it actually means? It means, once in a while we don’t find attachment with certain things but we do get attracted towards the other things. One often blunders between feelings and emotions too!! Here chocolate is feeling and cake is emotion, ha-ha.

The more we involved in these terms, the more we complicate things. Consequently, it’s just the matter of approach and nothing else……

To sum up with Attraction and Attachment, the great Swami Vivekananda beautifully shaped it in quote-

“You Pluck the Flower if liked, but You Nurture the Flower if loved.”


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