Watering a plant is more Important than Plucking it up!!

On one sweaty afternoon, I was walking on a beautiful sea-side place..I found poor people begging for  money,food or everything they need; but nobody was giving them anything! instead, people there, were not even looking at them. They just cursed them for everything happening to them.

The other Scenario……

Again on one fine day, I was in a business meet. The people with whom I sat;all were cursing many business tycoons because they thought that these business tycoons were rich by their birth or they were just carry forwarding their family business!! But in reality,the tycoons were self-made…….

In both the scenarios,the thinking ability of human beings comes into picture. The poor people didn’t want to beg throughout their life rather they get forced to do or they didn’t have got opportunities to work by their own and on other side, there are business tycoons who get up in the morning with the aim to be the best in the business and eventually in life irrespective of their past positions.

The focus here is how quickly people judge someones endeavour power to perform the work!!  It’s certainly not our business to judge others on their living or working  pattern without knowing the struggles and past situation they had been into. We are now into 21st Century!! the different time altogether.. It has been proven by setting many examples all over the world that the poor people’s son do gets an opportunity to study or to go abroad to study with the highest amount of knowledge. It’s just the matter of grabbing the opportunities or simply driving the passion to achieve anything positively!

In the end, it is the matter of being motivator rather than being judgemental. Encouraging factor always developes the spark to get driven by passion.Or to sum it up in a humourous way, I would say……It’s good to water the loved plant daily rather than just plucking it up for the sake of liking!!

Motivate the Society; Don’t Judge the Society.


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