Sometimes…..A woman is A King!!

So..this has been always a debatable subject that women are far ahead and greater than men,but what made it look true is the work or we can say the efforts women take to keep her home clean,to put herself always on top are much dedicated than men think!! This is one side of a coin. on the other side….

We still restrict our girl child to study,to go out with friends,to do something that boys does freely. What made it in this way? Our Thinking? Our Narrow Minded Behaviour? or perhaps the Threat of Society? There are some regions,for example, Guyana,Haryana(A State in India),Nairobi where girl child is killed immediately after the birth!! They don’t accept the existence of a girl child;didn’t they know that their mother,Sister,wife is also a Woman first!! 

We live in 21st Century;the modern century where a woman is the Head of a Political party,a woman is the Supremo of Nationalised Bank,a woman is a Railway Pilot and not to forget a woman is the President of the Country!!still some intellectual people says that women can not match men. Those people are not supposed to be the intellectual though..

Now-a-days a woman is the king and not only a Queen. She can do much more that man used to do . She is the reason of our existence. She is the reason behind every successful person. She is the reason of happiness of this modernise world!! SHE IS THE KING!!

Just a few lines in respect for a woman

She is our Pride,our Honour….Stop Objectifying her….Stop Judging Her…..

Let Her be HERSELF…. 🙂 🙂 

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